Torrie Speaks On TNA, ESPN/WrestleMania 25, 12 Rounds

— is projecting that “12 Rounds” will do $2.3 million this weekend.

The Baltimore Sun has done a Q and A with Torrie Wilson. In it, she talks about how having a collapsed disc in her back led her to leaving WWE. After she got the disc fixed, she just couldn’t see going back on the road again and chancing doing permanent damage to her back, which still hurts her. “I don’t think the pain is ever going to go away completely. I think I was kidding myself thinking it was. I finally started running again, which is a huge passion of mine. So it’s a step for me.” said Torrie.

On the possibility of joining TNA with some of her former WCW friends: “No. Nothing against TNA, but WWE is where you would want to be in that industry. And, you know, I get anxiety going to visit my mom on a plane now because I was just traveling so much before [laughs]. So the thought of being gone even one day a week doesn’t sound like something I want to do.”

— currently has a short video online where Jeremy Shaap of E:60 quickly pushes tonight’s WrestleMania card. The E:60 program will have a WWE themed episode, which was filmed at No Way Out, set to air on April 14. The ESPN crew was granted ful access to the creative process behind the scenes.

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