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Divas Match Update, Austin’s Ex at the HOF, 12 Rounds News, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Saturday, April 4th, 2009

– estimates that WWE and ’s 12 Rounds did $850,000 at the box office last night, placing ninth, behind Dwayne “” Johnson’s Race to Witch Mountain.

– As reported earlier, former WWE Diva Nidia Guenard was spotted at a WWE function in Houston on Thursday. She lives in the city and it is believed that was simply visiting friends rather than coming in for the 25-Diva Battle Royal at , reports The Sun. The first Tough Enough champion hasn’t been active in wrestling for years and had a baby in 2007. So maybe that spot is actually going to Molly Holly, as I wondered about in my earlier post.

– Thanks to Lee-Jay for sending in this recap of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Sky Sports’ Soccer AM:

The Rock appeared on Soccer AM this morning on Sky Sports in the UK. Apart from talking about his new movie Witch Moutian and his upcoming movie where he plays a Tooth Fairy he spoke briefly about tomorrow’s WrestleMania. When asked if he was going to watch it he said “I won’t be able to watch it (He didn’t say why, but it must have something to do with promoting his movie), and said he has had been in 6 or 7 WrestleMania’s and he does miss working in front of the crowd and this will be one hell of a WrestleMania for the guys on the show”

– “Stone Cold” ’s ex-wife Jeanie Clark and his daughters from England have been flown into Texas for his induction into the Hall of Fame later tonight. Clark divorced from Austin in 1999 prior to WrestleMania XV, but the two remain on amicable terms.

Austin can attribute some his success to his ex-wife as she unintentionally coined the term “Stone Cold” while they were having dinner one day in 1996. Austin had yet to drink a cup of tea and Clark advised him to drink it before it got “stone cold.” Right then and there, Clark and Austin thought “Stone Cold” would be the perfect nickname for him in WWE. At the time, both and Austin were trying to brainstorm a new ring name for him as “The Ringmaster” wasn’t working out. He was offered a list of many temperature-based names, such as ‘Ice Dagger’ and ‘Chilly McFreeze’, none of which impressed Austin.


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