A Look at WWE Superstars from Texas, HBK-Austin Note, More

– The Houston Chronicle had an interesting article up yesterday focusing on famous Texans in pro wrestling.

The article talked about Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels and how they almost met on the football field in 1982 as both of them were high school seniors that year and both attended Class 3A schools in South Texas. Austin’s Edna, TX team that year failed to make the playoffs so the meeting on the football field never happened. “That’s phenomenal,” Shawn Michaels said. “That’s a wonderful story. I had no idea that Steve and I could have met on the gridiron many years before we met in the ring.”

WWE Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield gave his thoughts on being a heel from Texas. “I was not very good at being a good guy, but I’ve always been a good villain,” said JBL. “I enjoy taking the crowd on the roller coaster and making the good guy look good or making people feel sorry for him. To me, that is true theater.”

Jim Ross also gave his thoughts saying, “To be a good wrestling villain, you’ve got to have personality.” Ross went on to say, “I don’t know if it’s in the water or the barbecue sauce, but a lot of kids come out of these successful Texas high school football programs with a lot of confidence. They are confident in their ability to rile up the crowd at the right time.”

The article also talks about Stan Hansen, Steve “Mongo” McMichael, Mark Henry and The Undertaker, among others. They also mention something that I can’t believe I’d never thought of and that’s JBL’s entrance with the white limousine is a caricature of the infamous JR Ewing character, played by Larry Hagman, from the hit show Dallas. Remember “Who shot JR?”





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