Recap of Yesterday’s WrestleMania Press Conference in NYC

– Thanks to reader Tyler Irving for the following recap from the WrestleMania 25 press conference yesterday:

I attended the Wrestlemania press conference at the Hard Rock cafe in NYC yesterday with my sister, her kids and a buddy. The whole thing was alot better than any of us expected and we all had a blast. Here are some stuff I remembered.

* Todd Grisham and Chris Jericho were the first people featured. Jericho talked about WrestleMania and got some heat from a few fans in the crowd then started ripping on the NY fans. Jericho talked about Rourke and blamed him for what’s happening at Wrestlemania and said Rourke backed down from his challenge. People chanted for Rourke.

* Roddy Piper was out next and everyone loved him. He cut a typical Piper promo and mocked Jericho then talked about being at WrestleMania 1 and got back on Jericho when an “Austin” chant broke out. Piper was awesome as usual.

* Eve and Kelly Kelly promoted the Divas battle royal next and announced Sunny, Molly Holly, Jackie Haas and Victoria as you guys posted before. Eve and Kelly seemed lost and seemed to be cut off early thank god.

* Ric Flair was out next and everyone loved him as well. Flair talked about NWA in 1984 and put over Vince McMahon creating Wrestlemania. Flair talked about wrestling Randy Savage at Wrestlemania and called it the best moment in his life. Flair said Jericho gave him 11 staples in his head and will be there at Wrestlemania to side with the Legends.

* Mark Henry came out and everyone hated him, really. He got a “boring” chant as soon as he came out and you could tell it bothered him when he couldn’t remember what he was out there for it seemed like. He said something about growing up outside Houston and said this would be a bit of a homecoming to him. Henry talked about MITB and said he was going to stack bodies and walk on them to get the briefcase. Henry tried to battle the crowd and said he can go all day long while they just chanted “you suck.” Clearly this wasn’t the reaction WWE was looking for putting Henry out there right infront.

* Rated R Superstar Edge was out next and talked about how he loves wrestling and put over Wrestlemania and talked about Wrestlemania 6. Edge wasn’t out there long at all. Edge ended up insulting the crowd and said he would prove at Wrestlemania how he is better than everyone else. Big Show came out and came face to face with Edge and it kind of reminded me of Show and Mayweather last year. Show put over NY and the fans started chanting Cena’s name. Big Show talked more junk to Edge and said nobody can beat him.

* Triple H was featured last and got the biggest pop of the day. He was great and did the usual “Are you ready?” thing. Triple H put over Wrestlemania and joked about meeting Vince McMahon years ago and how he is now his father-in-law. He said Wrestlemania was about his whole life. He joked how Vince must have nine lives since he’s been blown up and had things drop on him before referring to recent storylines with Vinnie Mac. He told a “real story” about Vince, Shane, Jericho, Edge, Big Show and himself on a flight from RAW to NY today and how when the plane landed, Show slipped on the top step and fell down on his way out of the plane. Edge and Jericho broke character, trying to hold in their laughter. He kept joking about the incident and it was pretty cool. He put over Vince again, saying he owes everything he has to Vince. He talked about the match with Randy Orton at Wrestlemania and said he’s fighting him for his family and for the fans like his life depends on it.

That was pretty much it. WWE did a great job I thought of managing everything and making the press conference an event to remember.