SPOILERS: TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results (4/2), (4/9)

Here are TNA iMPACT spoilers from last night’s tapings in Orlando. These are for this week’s show and part of next week’s show:

– Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring. He says Samoa Joe is no longer a team captain but he’s given the job to someone else – AJ Styles. AJ then comes down and says Joe has to be on the team so he’ll need to find two other partners. AJ says he’s honored but he doesn’t want to do it. He talks about how Jarrett started the company with a bunch of independent wrestlers (name-dropping Christopher Daniels as an Original) and how far it’s come, and then goes on to say that Jarrett should be captain. Scott Steiner then comes down and talks to Jarrett about their old days and how he was close to him and Jill and that the last thing Jill told him was to take care of the kids if anything happened to Jeff. He says Jarrett belongs in the Mafia, which is a family. AJ then mentions Jarrett’s idea of a match for the Lethal Lockdown advantage and says he wants Steiner tonight for it.

– Sheik Abdul Bashir, Kiyoshi, and No Limit d. LAX & Lethal Consequences

– The Beautiful People came to Mike and Don and said they’d be cutting Taylor Wilde’s hair off tonight.

– The Mafia comes to the ring and Kurt calls out Sting. Nash took the mic and then talked to Sting about his match with Foley. Mick then appeared on the big screen from the rafters holding his signature barbed wire bat. He said he can create matches as Executive Shareholder and therefore he’s created a warm-up for Sting as he’d be facing Samoa Joe later.

– Team 3D d. MEM Security. Beer Money did commentary. After the match, MEM Security went to hit 3D with chairs but Beer Money got in the ring, took the chairs, and hit the MEM Security instead. They had a staredown with 3D before leaving the ring.

– Sting d. Samoa Joe by DQ after Joe took out Andrew Thomas and then Rudy Charles. He then hit the Muscle Buster on Sting and put him in the Clutch. Booker T came to the ring for the save but Joe took him out too. He then got out of the ring and grabbed a chair, and when he got back in he found Sharmell with Booker. He teased hitting her with the chair but left the ring instead, only to pull Sharmell out and carry her to the back on his shoulder. Booker then ran off after them.

– Scott Steiner d. AJ Styles. There was a ref bump and Steiner got a chair in the ring, but AJ was able to get it after a Pele. Just as he was about to hit Steiner with it, Jarrett grabbed it and they then argued. While that happened, Steiner and the ref got up and then Steiner took AJ down and got the pin.

– Taylor Wilde d. Madison Rayne. The Beautiful People got a hold of Taylor after the match and went to cut her hair, but Taylor got away. Angelina and Velvet got pissed at Madison after and ran her off.

– Sheik Abdul Bashir (w/Kiyoshi & No Limit) d. Suicide in a non-title match.

– MEM comes to the ring and Sting calls out Jarrett. He says he wants to know why Foley was able to book him in a match against Joe last week. If Foley really has all the power now, he wants Jeff to make it known to the world. Jeff says he’s still in charge. Sting then says if Foley got to give him a warm-up for Lockdown, he wants to give Foley one in return. He says he’s TNA World Champion, so he’s got to have some pull, and he’s not telling Jeff but instead ordering him to book the match. The Motor City Machine Guns then come out, and Alex tells Jeff about how he can’t get over Thanksgiving night last year when he was forced to wear a turkey suit by Foley and was then humiliated by him after being the recipient of a double arm DDT. He says he and Chris want to take on Foley in a handicap match. Jarrett agrees to the match and it will happen tonight.

– Robert Roode d. Eric Young

– Mick Foley comes to the ring. He has a birthday card that has son made him. The card has a drawing of Alex and Chris inside and says “MMG 24/7 365.” His son is obsessed with the Guns. He shows a picture of his son on the big screen who even has his hair cut like Alex. He is sick of seeing the Guns everywhere and will take them out for good tonight… in what will be a First Blood match.

– Awesome Kong (w/o Melissa) d. Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky in a handicap match. Post-match, Madison & Velvet held Kong down so Angelina could cut her hair. Taylor Wilde then came down and ran the girls off. Kong & Taylor looked at each other before leaving the ring.

– The Motor City Machine Guns d. Mick Foley in a First Blood handicap match with Sting as the special enforcer. The Guns got a lot of offense in for most of the match. Foley hit the Mandible Claw on Shelley with Mr. Socko, and when he pulled it out it was bloody. Andrew Thomas saw it and said it was the end of the match, but Foley got on the mic and said he hadn’t done what he said he would do to Alex so the match would go on. He soon took the barbed wire bat to Alex’s head, but (*I think*) Sting hit him with a chair when Andrew wasn’t watching. Foley’s head was then seen bleeding and the match went to the Guns. After the match, Foley and Sting brawled and each got held back by security to end the show.