Updates on Trish Stratus at WrestleMania and Honky/Flair

– As reported earlier, The Honky Tonk Man said he’s looking to confront Ric Flair before or at the WWE Hall of Fame on April 4 in Houston for the negative things he said about him in his 2004 book release, Ric Flair: To Be the Man.

“For the things he said about me in his book, I will finally get a chance to confront him in Conn. this coming Friday night,” Honky wrote. “If he dodges me, I will confront him on Sunday night in Mass. If he dodges me again, I will confront him at HOF, and if he skates on me there I will catch him at Mania.”

The longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all-time has since clarified his comments in regards to his anger towards Ric Flair. The Honky Tonk Man issued the following statement on his newly launched website, www.HonkyTonkMan.net:

“To all my fans. I will not disturb the Hall of Fame or Wrestlemania 25 in any way. I have nothing but the the up most respect for the WWE and these two great events and would never do anything other than be humbled by being part of the big weekend. I look forward to seeing you all! Honky”

– While most everyone expects Trish Stratus to take part in the 25-Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV, we still have yet to actually hear anything on her decision to appear or not. We never even heard if she was actually contacted to appear at the event — it is only assumed that she was.

The former WWE Women’s Champion recently appeared on CTV in Canada to read the weather as part of a promotion for celebrities to fill in for a local weatherman. In an interesting case of timing, Stratus debuted dark brown hair on the program, claiming her stylist decided to change things up. If nothing else, the chances of her appearing at WrestleMania have been lowered as a result — not to say that she won’t be appearing at the pay-per-view spectacular anyway.

During her appearance on the news broadcast, Stratus was asked about her recent appearance in a WWE ring when Raw was at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto last December. Stratus said she just needs to get her fix once in a while.

“I made a little re-appearance, popped in, and kicked some butt,” Stratus told CTV. “It was a good fix. I get a little fix every once in a while and I’m good.”