Nash Speaks On TNA’s Ratings, Hall’s Poor Health, & More

Kevin Nash recently spoke to Phil Strum of the Poughkeepsie Journal. Here are the highlights:

On the current status of TNA: I think it’s going great. Our ratings have been strong. We’ve grown our base. Logistically, the company’s getting stronger. The company’s growing at a good pace.

On TNA getting slammed in online reviews: By who? The smarks? It’s like anything else, man. One point one percent of the people who watch television know a good match from a bad match and know who can work and who can’t work. My kid’s 12 years old. He occasionally watches it. He doesn’t know if Cena can work or if Khali can work, but he would rather see Khali because he’s a freak. Kids are kids.

On TNA ever reaching WWE’s ratings: Vince has been around for a long time. I think absolutely. It doesn’t take much to get a swim. We’ve already gained about 300,00 viewers in the last couple of weeks.

On his movie career: I actually just got a script in the mail the other day. It’s supposed to be top secret. It’s actually from the director of “The Punisher.” (Jonathan Hensleigh). It’s the same director. Hopefully, they’ll find something for me in that. I’m limited. I’m 6-10. I’m not going to play the dentist or the baker. I’m not going to be the cop that gets out of the car, unless you want a giant cop. I’m kind of limited in what I’m going to do. I take it when I can get it.

Scott Hall’s health: Scott’s not doing well at all right now. I was with him last weekend. He’s really having some hard times. You know, the WWE is very concerned even though they’ve sent him several times on their dime. They’re very concerned that one of their guys is still out there and sick. They’re still trying to figure out what they can do. It’s hard because they’re publicly traded. The system…you can’t go 55 times, you know. It just doesn’t work that way. The longer I’ve been around the addiction of different people, you just realize that your friends and family can want them to be well, but if the person doesn’t have the will to be well, it doesn’t matter what everybody else does. Until he wants to take the steps to be clean, he’s just not going to be clean. There’s plenty of people that love him and want him to do it, it’s just, he’s got to make that decision himself. We can’t do it for him. Nor can Vince or anybody else.

On ratings: I remember one time, Roddy Piper had this bodyguard guy. He came on and it was a horrible segment. I think it was the Omni. We sat at the monitor and watched this abysmal segment. People booed. Piper said, you’re being too hard on the guy. We came back and knew that the thing was going to just tank number-wise. They broke down the show. It was the highest-rated segment of the night. Scott Hall looked at me and he said, “See. People will watch horrible television.” You just have to give it to them. People watch different.

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