12 Rounds Starts Off Bad, Shelton’s US Title Rematch Set, More

– According to Box Office Mojo, John Cena’s 12 Rounds did an estimated $1,750,000 at the box office on Friday night, putting it in sixth place on the current movie list. In comparison, The Marine drew $2,366,981 on its opening day, finishing with $7,138,774 for the weekend; See No Evil drew $1,681,241 on its opening day, finishing with $4,581,233; and The Condemned drew $1,333,622 on its opening day, finishing with $3,807,595.

Based on these past numbers, the movie’s projected to do between $5 and 6 million for the weekend. On the plus side, 12 Rounds beat out Dwayne Johnson’s Race To Witch Mountain, which had already been out, by an estimated $250,000.

– As announced during Friday night’s SmackDown, Shelton Benjamin will be getting a rematch for the United States Championship against MVP on next week’s show. MVP has won his second United States Championship on the 500th episode of SmackDown.

– The Great Khali recently joined WorldBand Media for an interview. During the interview, the SmackDown Superstar said he was involved in the filming of a movie starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt, which is now in post-production. Khali also added that he went to India a few months ago and missed his opportunity to be written into a major storyline for Wrestlemania XXV.