Linda’s Thoughts – SD, Another Cool Main Event

Okay so it was another Smackdown that wasn’t quite as good as Raw, but and it’s a big BUT, I liked the show. I wish some of the matches would have had more time, but all in all this was a good show with a couple of segments that left me cold as ice. And of course I will get to those segments first and then end on a very positive note. I still wish they would stop the double tapings because the crowd can just sit for so long. Although, I think the Corpus Christi, Tex. crowd came alive for both shows and really hung in there, so props to this group. Okay let me give you my thoughts from last night’s show.

I hate saying this but I have had it with Jesse and Festus. I guess I stopped really caring about them along time ago. And then you add Big Show to a match, and I’m sorry to say I didn’t watch it. Oh I kept the show on, but if you asked me about the match I wouldn’t be able to tell you one thing about it. Since Big Show came back last year I have even less interest in him now than I did before. And speaking of Big Show, I wasn’t too thrilled with the John Cena segment. Again they had Cena doing the rah rah crap about how big Wrestlemania is. That kind of stuff turns me off immediately. But then Cena rebounded with his reasoning for blackmailing Vickie. Naturally it was to get into the title match at Mania, but this came off very well. So I would give say while this wasn’t my favorite segment the second part of the promo was good. Now do I want to see Big Show vs. Cena on Raw Monday night?  Not at all, I just wish Show was never involved in this feud. And, how weird was it to keep Edge away from all of this last night. See to me that made no sense at all.

Another part of the show that I will say wasn’t bad yet didn’t blow me away was Chavo vs. Rey Mysterio. Now the match was good, but I could not understand why they would put Chavo in here since we have seem these two go at many times before. I have been saying this for a while about how they need to re-invent Chavo’s character. Wait there is no character that’s how bad things are for Chavo. But at least JBL did a run in and hit Rey with a kick to his face. Really, that was the only part that I cared about. Also the women’s match with Maryse vs. Michelle McCool didn’t seem to flow, in fact I found it to be very choppy. Of course for me it was the debut of Gail Kim that I wanted to see. It’s nice to see her back, but I’m just wondering if she will get a well-deserved push this time around.

So the above were the only real negatives for me the rest came off well. The opening match with Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Kane, and Finlay (w/Hornswoggle) vs. MVP, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry (w/Tony Atlas) was totally enjoyable. I think it’s the best match that I’ve seen with the Money in the Bank participants. This truly was a fun match to watch. And I was a little surprised that Punk got pinned, but then again it didn’t bother me, I thought the ending was just fine. I thought Matt Hardy gave a very believable promo backstage. I’m really happy to see this guy get a chance to do mic work. What he had to say about Jeff came off well. He talked about how he always knew that Jeff had a black cloud hanging over his head, but the world found out when his house exploded. He went on to talk about how Jeff lost his music, his art and his best friend, his dog Jack. And all the time Matt is talking he has a look a like Jack Russell on his lap and he’s giving this little guy non stop hugs and kisses, you just know that was his way of getting to Jeff. Matt coming off like a true SOB and this made for a very strong segment. Then later on Jeff gave a short but very solid promo about Matt. With his head down, and hair hanging he talked about Matt witnessing his birth, and then he said the following. And I was so impressed by this that I typed it word for word while re-watching this part. He said, “that time would pass and a journey began, years later this dream became a reality. It was hard at first until I realized you were sick. It now becomes harder for you as I become your healer.” Then Jeff lifted his head, his face was without paint, and he said that Matt took everything away from him and now he’s going to take something away from Matt. And he ended it all with “you are right Matt we aren’t brothers anymore.” The Hardy’s were so on their game last night. Both guys came off very well in their non-wrestling roles.

Also I did like the R Truth vs. Matt Hardy match, but this was one of many matches that went way too short. The one thing that I noticed and liked was when Hardy walked down the ramp with one hell of a cocky attitude. Just as I was thinking that JR made a comment about Hardy’s arrogance. Hardy is coming along pretty damn well with his new heel persona. And as I said the match was good and R. Truth looked good out there against Matt. Another very short match that had the makings of something entertaining was Carlito, Primo and Brie vs. Nikki, the Miz and Morrison. My God this one ended so fast and that surprised me, because they have been building this up so well on ECW and on Smackdown. These were two matches that should have been given a lot more time.

Finally it was the main event that just blew me away. We got Shawn Michaels dressed like the Undertaker only all in white, and not to be outdone, HBK had his very own druids also dressed in white come out in front of him. This was absolutely cool to see.  Then in a dramatic style, Shawn stood in the middle of the ring slowly removed his hat and then looked up and showed off a naughty little smile.  He had his eyes closed and started with “in the beginning and continued to then say let there by light and he opened his eyes. He then went on to recite Genesis chapter 1. As good as all this was the best line had to be when he compared himself to the Undertaker. Both being on top of their game, both being criticized and praised not only by their peers but also by the fans. But that’s where the similarities end. He said the Undertaker represents the purist form of evil, he walks amongst the shadows, and then HBK said he thrives on the spotlight. I thought that was so HBK. I won’t get into everything that he said, but then he brought up the streak and said that Taker has never beaten him, and Mr. Wrestlemania will take him to the fiery depths of hell I just ate that up. Listen this was just awesome. The atmosphere during this was amazing.

When Michaels finished his promo, he put his head down as to pray, the music started up again, and then we get HBK’s theme and he starts stripping off his outfit in time with the music. It was a riot, and even better was the surprise attack by Undertaker. Taker grabbed him and tried to chokeslam Michaels, but Shawn was able to escape by putting his legs over the top rope. Okay the following might sound like I’m insulting Michaels, but believe me it’s all complimentary about The Heartbreak Kid. After he escaped he went up the ramp and started obnoxiously dancing to his theme and moving like the most annoying person in the world. And of course this was all done to bug the hell out of Taker. And it worked; my God Taker was beyond PISSED. Did I happen to mention that along with the dancing, Michaels was smiling from ear to ear?  This was a super segment and props to HBK and Taker. What a feud, and as I said on Wednesday this is one match that I can’t wait to see at Wrestlemania. I’m 99% sure that this is going to be the MATCH OF THE NIGHT.

Smackdown definitely had some really good moments, and I look forward to next week’s show. I read it parts will be taped before Raw on Monday night and then there will be live segments during Wrestlemania Axxess So hopefully since it’s the last WWE show before Wrestlemania we will get one HOT Smackdown. Okay I will return Tuesday or Wednesday with my thoughts on Raw. I can tell you right now I’m not looking forward to Cena vs. Big Show, but I would assume that Edge would make an appearance during that match. Other than that match I am excited about watching Monday’s show.

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