The Fink Reveals Who’s Inducting Him, Honky Tonk to Confront Flair?

– Former WWE Intercontinental Champion The Honky Tonk Man said that he will “Whip Ric Flair’s A**” when he confronts him with the WWE Hall of Fame approaching. Honky Tonk Man will be inducting Koko B. Ware into this year’s Hall of Fame and Ric Flair will be inducting Ricky Steamboat. Here’s what Honky said on his official website:

“For the things he said about me in his book, I will finally get a chance to confront him in Conn. this coming Friday night. If he dodges me, I will confront him on Sunday night in Mass. If he dodges me again, I will confront him at HOF, and if he skates on me there I will catch him at Mania. I want to know why he says I would be nothing without a Hogan rub when I spent 12 years working main events before I went to WWE with out a Hogan rub and Flair knows that.”

– Howard Finkel will be inducted into this year’s WWE Hall of Fame by Mean Gene Okerlund. In Finkel’s latest blog, he revealed who would be inducting him into the Hall of Fame and also commented on the induction.

Finkel said, “It is an elite honor to be recognized for what I have brought to the table, as it relates to the ring announcing that I have done through the years. I love what I do in the ring, am passionate about it, and continue to enjoy it today when the opportunity presents itself. Everything else that has happened to me from a standpoint of “ha-ha” (thanks for the term, Chief!) was what it was; that was all just a part of being “The Fink”. I look forward to April 4, and am equally delighted that the one and only Mean Gene Okerlund will do the honors of presenting me on that evening.”