The Dog Pound – As Time Draws Near

Folks we are just 11 short days away from the biggest annual spectacle in sports entertainment today…Wrestlemania 25! This year is a true benchmark with how historical and important Wrestlemania has become to not just the WWE, but to the entire industry of professional wrestling itself. So, with just over a week left before the gran ‘daddy of em all, I’m here to offer my thoughts on how this years show has shaped up, and my predictions on who will walk away victorious.

I can say, in my opinion at least, the overall build-up for this years show has been very solid. Especially with the three big “main event” matches which include the two World titles, and HBK facing the Undertaker. There is one match though that has seemed to have slipped through the cracks in terms of how big or important it is. I’m talking about the “Extreme Rules” match between Jeff and Matt Hardy.

This is one match where the WWE has seemed to just give up trying, and are hoping that the story writes itself in the sense that it’ll be brother vs. brother. There are a couple factors where this won’t work to the full potential unless given proper build. One, fans have seen this before; circa 2001 I believe. In fact almost the exact same instance occured, Matt was the one to turn on Jeff because of jealousy and wanted to prove he could go his own way. This was classic in the end as it brought all us fans Mattitude V1.0. Second, being that Jeff is now a former WWE champion and Matt is not, can Matt really come off as a legit threat to his brother? I mean sure Matt won the ECW title but what does that title really even mean? And didn’t Jeff beat Triple H before? Has Matt ever? In the end, it should be a very solid match being hardcore and all, but I see Jeff getting the win here, simply because he’s already main event status, and Matt has never seemedto be able to truly get over. Winner: Jeff Hardy.

Another area I’m intrigued at is the 25-Diva Battle Royal. First I’ll say I’m intrigued because we’re going to be getting some great divas from the past coming back and its always a pleasure to have that nostalgic feeling. I’m a big fan of Tammy “Sunny” Sytch so to see her again will be awesome. I am however a bit bummed at the same time. I mean the WWE has not one, but TWO divas titles and neither of them will be defended at ‘mania? Come on! I think its a little sad in a way that both women, who are considered “champions” won’t be able to wrestle a true match on the grandest stage. Instaed, they’ll get the title of “Miss Wrestlemania” for that year. So, who do i think will walk away the winner in the end? My gut is telling me sadly Michelle McCool wins this year; but hopefully that sets up the feud with the returning Gail Kim in the future! Winner: Michelle McCool.

We have Chris Jericho facing a whole slew of legends at this years ‘mania. In a way I’m happy because it shows that the WWE trusts a guy like Jericho ro carry these guys through a match and still kepp the fans interested; but in another way I’m sad with how much build-up went into what his match would be, and then just like nothing he’s going to face them all. Now, whether or not Rourke gets involved at or near the end remains to be seen, but I’m going to make a bold prediction here and say that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin will also be making an appearence here. You can’t induct him into the Hall of Fame and then not expect him to do something at the 25th anniversary of thir biggest PPV. Winner: The legends (with help from Austin and Rourke).

I am very happy that the WWE has decided to finally unify the tag titles. Again, there was just one to many and neither (like the divas) were really being defended regularly. I also like how this match has progressively been built-up and with the Bella Twins involved, it also adds the element of lust into the equation. Winner(s): Morrison & Miz. Yeah, be jealous!

I’ll just mention quickly that the match between JBL and Mysterio should be decent if given enough time, and I am very pleased to see that the IC title will actually be defended at ‘mania for once. i expect JBL to win as there has been very little actual build-up between the two. Winner: JBL. Which leads me into the MITB Ladder Match. With the exception of Mark Henry (who I don’t like at all) the match shold be okay. I still think the WWE missed the boat with guys like Morrison, Bourne, Kendrick, etc. In the end, I’m hoping beyond hope that Christian gets the win here and after the draft can truly start establishing himself again as a top guy. Winner: Christian.

Which leaves me with the three big main event matches of the evening. Undertaker vs. HBK has been built-up very nicely and I am very interested in seeing how their match plays out. These guys have amazing chemistry together and it could very well steal the show again. In the end, as big a fan of HBK as I am, I have to say Undertaker wins this one to keep the streak alive! Winner: Undertaker.

I am also very pleased with how the two World Title matches have been built-up. Orton vs. HHH has the potential to be the hottest main evenr for a ‘mania since the days of Austin vs. Rock. There are many different layers and various undertones going on with the story which make the match more than worth watching. I’m going out on a limb and saying that Randy Orton is going to get the rub from HHH and get the win here. I know HHH has been on a fairly long Wrestlemania losing streak, but Orton is on fire right now and a win would just continue that roll! Winner: Randy Orton.

The triple threat match has been very nice to see unfold and as much as I am not a John Cena fan, I’d rather him in this match than Batista. If the reports are true that Edge is taking time off after ‘mania, than I have no choice in saying Cena will win again. I’d like Big Show to pull it off here, but I don’t know if the WWE has the confidence in him at this point to hold a major title. Winner: John Cena.

There you have it folks, my Wrestlemania 25 predictions. Now, it’s up to you!


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