Big Backstage Update on the WWE Hall of Fame, Interesting Cena News

– The St. Petersburg Times ran an article last week about how there were 35 homeowners in the area who used more than one million gallons of water in 2008, despite the local drought. The third name on the list was WWE Superstar John Cena, who owns a mansion in Land O’Lakes, Florida. According to the article, Cena used two million gallons of water in 2008. A home that consumes more than 180,000 gallons per year is considered a heavy user and a typical family that does not conserve would use about 90,000. This is interesting because Cena doesn’t have a family and is never home, always on the road working WWE shows or doing promotional work.

– There are a lot of people within WWE who are negative on Koko B. Ware going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, saying that it made everything less prestigious when the bar is lowered enough that a guy like Koko goes in. Other people point out some of the names that are already in the Hall and say the WWE Hall of Fame is what it is – people that Vince McMahon wants to honor or is convinced that year to honor someone who pushes hard enough.

Sources say there was less talk regarding the Hall of Fame this year than any year in a long time. Koko going in was a pet project of Brian Gewirtz that took a life of it’s own. Even though WWE went with somewhat of a Texas theme year, it’s said that the Von Erich family wouldn’t be going in if it weren’t for Michael Hayes. Most people who matter pushed for Ted DiBiase to be inducted this year but the belief is that he will go in at some point. When Howard Finkel was brought up this year, nobody expected it but Vince approved of the idea right out of the blue.

Apparently Sting’s name came up this year during Hall of Fame talks and he actually got support from those involved which is funny because some people who were asked for input weren’t even aware he was working for TNA. When Sting’s career is over, WWE will likely do a DVD on him and find a spot for him in the Hall of Fame but don’t look for any of that to happen while he’s still working for TNA. Other names brought up this year included Honky Tonk Man, Jake Roberts, John Tenta, Paul Boesch, Bruiser Brod, One Man Gang, Big Bossman, Mil Mascaras, Stan Hansen and Tully Blanchard.