What Happened After Last Night’s RAW, Stephanie Note

– Tiffany Walker sent word that Stephanie McMahon was legitimately shaken up after she took a stiff shot from Randy Orton on Monday’s RAW. According to Tiffany, after the show went off television, the referee gave the “x” signal and Stephanie was stretchered out by WWE training staff. Hopefully we’ll have more on this later.

– Following last night’s RAW, The Undertaker beat Big Show in a quick dark main event after connecting with Hell’s Gate for the win.





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  • David

    Oh yeah Stephanie is definitely injured. Since the ref held the X sign up it had to be legit. Like when Umaga faced Triple H…wait you reported nothing was wrong with Umaga after all. Apparently WWE realizes that fans know what the X sign means now and are now using it to their advatage to say a person is really hurt. With that being the case, you’ll never know if someone is actually hurt.

  • melissa

    i dont see how triple h took all that being done with his wife how come someone didnt come and and save them from any harm is the locker room full of jerks scared of youngest supper star randy ortan and his sidekicks well thats very unfair i believe at wrestlmanie the out number of orton i see orton on top of the list of winning the champion ship bc he out number 3 against 1 what was wwe thinking hurting a family members wished story lines was better and more interested to make more people attend monday night raw!!!!

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