Update on Mr. Kennedy’s Ring Return, CM Punk News, Cena, More

– As a reminder, WWE RAW Superstar CM Punk will be appearing at Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville tonight. Fans will be able to meet him starting at 4:00 p.m., at the Davis Arena, located at 4400 Shepherdsville Road, Louisville, KY 40218. Any fans who attend the show feel free to send in a report.

– John Cena has been interviewed by several major newspapers regarding his new movie, 12 Rounds, including The Boston Herald. In this interview, Cena talks about his father being one of the first people in his region to get cable television. As a result, they were able watch a ton of wrestling from various promotions.

“My dad was one of the first in our region to buy cable, so we’d get all the affiliates,” Cena said. “The old WWF, which was Captain Lou Albano and Hulk Hogan. He’d get AWA, which was the Baron Von Raschkes and the Gagnes. He’d get World Class Wrestling Championship, which was the Fritz Von Erichs and the Freebirds. He’d get NWA, which was the Four Horsemen and Dusty Rhodes. We got everything, even got the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.”

– SmackDown Superstar Mr. Kennedy was recently interviewed by Femalefirst.co.uk and said he was 95% healed from his injury but won’t be working WrestleMania, noting that he wants to make sure he’s totally ready before getting back in the ring. Kennedy said he was hoping he would be ready in time for WrestleMania but his return is going to be after the big event.

Kennedy also said if he could have a match with a non-wrestler it would be with President Barack Obama and shared his feelings on Obama. “I’d really like to whoop his ass! I don’t like the fact that he’s turning our country into a communist state. I like democracy and I like capitalism. I like the fact that I worked very hard to get where I’m at. Nobody handed me anything on a silver platter. I’d really, really like to get Barack Obama in the ring.”