Sting Set To Make History, Roxxi/Rhaka Khan Rumor


— Assuming that the title doesn’t change hands before the morning of April 19, Sting will go into TNA Lockdown as the longest reigning TNA champion ever, and will also have the longest World championship reign of his entire career, one day longer than his 1990-1991 NWA title reign of 188 days. Samoa Joe’s TNA title reign is currently the longest, but Sting will pass that.

— Rumor killer: Roxxi was not “sent home” by TNA, she just simply wasn’t used at the last Impact tapings. Since she wasn’t scheduled to appear at the show, she just worked the PPV and returned home. Rhaka Khan wasn’t at the Impact tapings for the same reason. As a cost cutting measure, TNA no longer has any wrestlers who aren’t being used at the tapings.

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