Recap of Kurt Angle on The Howard Stern Show

Recap of Kurt Angle on The Howard Stern Show
March 24th, 2009
Recap by Matt Rosenthal

-Howard asked about Vince McMahon. Kurt said they had a falling out, and claimed Kurt wanted to go to rehab, but Vince wouldn’t let him because ECW just started. Kurt says Vince wanted him to get clean, but do it without rehab.

-Howard asked Kurt if he divorced his wife because of this stuff or because of Spice Boy. As background, there is a belief among the “Stern Crew” that one of the reasons the Angle’s got divorced is because Karen was participating in phone sex with Spice Boy, a member of the crew of Bubba The Love Sponge’s show. Kurt basically said that he made Karen a millionaire, and she cheated on him with someone in the locker room – he is positive. Kurt throws a low blow saying Karen wasn’t the best sex he’s ever had.

-Conversation then turns to Kurt’s interest in Robin. Kurt said he wrote her a poem. He says he’s dated black women since he got divorced, and he thinks he has some black heritage in him on his mother’s side. Kurt said he isn’t very “large”, but he’d do whatever to make her happy. Kurt read his poem to Robin, and it mentioned many Stern inside jokes insinuating that either Kurt is a huge fan of Howard Stern Show, or this was written for him. Everyone thought the poem was great. Robin said that she was impressed. She said that he hasn’t asked her out yet so she’s not sure if she would or not. Howard asked if she was ready to be a step-mom to his kids. Robin said she loves kids so she would do that. Then Kurt asked her if she would go out. She said yes to that. Kurt figured that she’d say no to him so he wasn’t prepared for that. There was a lot of talk about what a sexual experience between Kurt and Robin would be like, and they discussed setting up a date when Kurt returned from his current tour abroad.

-They plugged Lockdown.

-They brought up Kurt dating Rhaka Khan – he said she was a great person, but they met at the wrong time.

-They brought up Kurt’s web reality show and, specifically, a girl that Kurt was dating threatening his wife. Kurt said Robin wasn’t in danger.

-Howard read that Kurt once made out with a woman who turned out to be a transsexual. He didn’t know it at the time but found out weeks later when he went on the Rikki Lake show. The woman claimed to be Kathy Ireland’s sister. Kurt said that this woman had contacted him and flew him out to meet her. This was years ago when he was in the Olympics. Kurt said that the chick fooled him and he had no idea. He said that he made out with that chick for 7 hours! They got into further details and Kurt said he’d kill her if they ran into each other again.

-Iron Shiek called in and got in a shouting match with Kurt Angle. Angle said Shiek never made the Olympics and Shiek said he’d kill Angle.

-There was some other talk, but nothing important. After the segment, the Angle/Robin match became a popular topic of conversation with Robin saying she thought it was all a bit, but everyone saying that Robin’s attitude changed when Angle started hitting on her. Howard said a date WOULD happen.

-Angle stayed in the offices after he came off the air, and was working the phones, and hanging with the crew, so its possible more story/bits will come out tomorrow.





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