Recap of John Cena on The Tonight Show

– Here are some highlights of John Cena’s appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Monday night:

-Cena said he was initially upset about being bumped from the show last week, but he calmed down quickly when he learned that he was bumped by Barack Obama.

-Cena said he went to Los Angeles when he was 21 with two duffle bags and $500. He recalled his father telling him he wouldn’t last two weeks. He said it served as motivation and he slept in his car and did what he could to “spite my old man.”

-He said his switch to movies is a “natural progression of our business.”

-John said he did all of his own stunts for 12 Rounds. He admitted that he has fear of heights and ledges. He said there was a scene in the movie where he had to rappel from a 10-story building. “That was two days where on set I needed a fresh pair of pants every 15 minutes,” he said.

-Cena said he’s getting married to a woman he’s known since he was 19 and she was 18. “She lived me in the car, she lived with me in the garage,” he said. “She’s been through absolutely everything. I remember when we actually used to get excited because we could actually go out to eat when McDonald’s put on a sale and had 20-cent hamburgers and 25-cent cheeseburgers.”

-Leno aired a clip of Cena’s film.