My Fantasy Baseball Rankings (Fantasy Players, Must Read)

It’s about that time of year when most of you fantasy baseball players will be conducting your draft.  When you are conducting your draft, please visit my site:

I have the rankings of every position on 1 single page and have linked the names to their Yahoo profile so you can easily refer to stats and other news on the player.  It also includes a print sheet that you can print out and cross off as players are draft.  It’s a really great resource to give you a huge edge during the draft.

I’ll just throw out some sleepers out there for you.  They’re not sleepers so much as you sometimes see them going early in a draft as people are onto them.

I’m targeting Pablo Sandoval as my catcher.  The 22-year-old,  in 41 games with the Giants last season posted 24 RBIs are 24 Runs while batting .345.  I expect a .300, 20 HR, 100 RBI, 90 Run season from him this year.  Hitting in the 3-spot for the Giants, who don’t have as bad a line up as some would believe, will produce big numbers.  He also has 1B, 3B, and C eligibility.  You may want to jump on him early because the secret is out.

My next player to get is Cameron Maybin.  This 21-year-old was traded from the Tigers to the Marlins with some other players for Miguel Cabrera.  He got into the Marlins lineup in September and just tore it up in the bigs.  In 8 games he batted .500, scored 9 runs, and had 4 stolen bases (again, in just 8 games).  That projects rather well over a full season.  He will presumably be their leadoff man and will have Hanley Ramirez out there batting him in.  Look for a 100 run and 40 steal season from Maybin.

Another player I like is Cleveland OF Shin-Soo Choo.  He played 94 games with the Indians last year and batted .309 with 14 HRs, 66 RBIs, 68 Runs, and 4 stolen bases.  Over a full season he projects a .300 average with 20 HRs, 90 RBI, 90 Runs, and 10 SBs  — quality numbers out of a late-round player.

Good luck on your draft and I hope you find my site helpful.  Bookmark it!

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