Backstage News on the WWE RAW Script Leaking, Vince and More

– As expected, Vince McMahon was infuriated over the script for a recent edition of Raw (March 2, 2009) leaking online. One source believes John Carle, a creative team writer who was let go just before the script hit the net, is responsible for the sheets going online.

“No coincidence that it’s published the same day [creative team member] John Carle is dropped and that apparently has gotten back to Stephanie and Vince,” the source said. “Apparently, they had creative sign some absurdly one-sided addendum in late 2007 where if you do something like this after being terminated, they have all sorts of legal action against you. Given the timing and circumstances, he shouldn’t be surprised to get a nice legal notice from Stamford shortly. Vince is on a warpath and was mega hot over this so I’m thinking someone is going to be made a legal example of.”

It should be noted that Carle was not the only member of the creative team fired three weeks ago as another individual was let go as well, although we don’t have his name. The source believes the person who leaked the script felt safe to leak it as it would be hard to pinpoint one guilty party.

For those wondering why more scripts haven’t leaked online, it is because the performers don’t actually get to handle them for the most part, as the scripts go to the producers of a segment, who then go over the script with the talent.

Another source added his take on the script: “So I took at look at the RAW script that was leaked. That is the real deal — and from the looks of it was an early draft (most likely PRE-Agent meeting). The show hasn’t been timed yet (the time for the breaks are in but not the actual timing of the show). The producers are in, but not the writer assignments. This might have even been the draft that was brought on the plane for Vince to review before RAW. It’s funny to look at the amount of crap that has been jammed into those scripts over the years. The live attendance box was added so they can know what the last two dates at the building. The side boxes next to the matches are the announcer notes (that announcers hated and would make fun of). The ‘not working’ list allows them to see who they ‘missed’ on not putting on the show. As you can see, the amount of detail that goes into the promos that are written and why these talents have not grown at that art of promos. Though this is what demanded of the creative team to write for Vince. A script can not be turned in without that detail. It’s become so rigid a process.”