WWE SmackDown Results for 3/20/2009

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report
March 20th, 2009 – Corpus Christie, TX
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at the IED Files and the problems between Triple H and Randy Orton. We hear Randy’s comments about how he will take care of Hunter. We see footage from Raw when Triple H magically made the steel cage appear.

We are live on tape from Corpus Christie, Texas and your announcers are Jim ‘It feels like 375’ Ross and Tazz.

Triple H says that the worst kept secret is that he is married to Stephanie McMahon ‘in real life.’ He says that they tried to keep it quiet for business purposes. He says that everyone probably knew. Randy Orton knew and Randy should have known better. When Randy kicked the old man in the head, he let it slide. When he kicked Shane in the head, he let it slide. They might be family, but they are grown men. But when it happened to his wife, Randy should have known better. Randy played the card and then he hid behind lawyers, doctors, and an alleged mental illness . . . IED. Orton has a disease but it is not IED. It is cowardice. He says that it runs rampant in Orton. Orton has run from every challenge that he has ever faced. The running stops at Wrestlemania. There will be no place to run and no place to hide. There will be no one to hide behind. There will be no Orton’s Law. It will only be Orton and him. Hunter tells Orton that he better pray to God to hope that he is as good as he thinks. Hunter turns to the sign for Wrestlemania 25th Anniversary and says that Orton says that he has a disease, but Hunter says that Orton is the disease. Hunter says that he is the cure.

Match Number One: Triple H with GameFountain versus Vladimir Kozlov
They lock up and Kozlov with forearms in the corner. Hunter with a kick and punches. Kozlov with a shoulder tackle to Hunter but Kozlov charges at Hunter and Hunter drops down and Kozlov goes to the floor. Kozlov returns to the ring and Hunter clotheslines Kozlov over the top to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and Hunter has Kozlov in a figure four leg lock, but Kozlov makes it to the ropes. Kozlov with a head butt to the upper chest and Hunter goes down. Kozlov with a belly-to-belly suplex and then Kozlov with forearms. Kozlov sends Hunter into the corner and hits shoulders and a punch. Kozlov with a fallaway slam to Hunter and he gets a near fall. Kozlov with a waist lock. Hunter gets to his feet and he tries to escape but Kozlov with a forearm followed by a bear hug. Hunter with a facebuster and then he connects with a clothesline into the corner. Hunter with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Hunter punches Kozlov in the corner. Kozlov misses a charge into the corner and Hunter tries for the Pedigree but Kozlov with a back body drop to counter. Hunter with a spinebuster to Kozlov. Hunter with the Pedigree for the three count.
Winner: Triple H

We look back at Vickie Loves Edge . . . and Big Show . . . and Chachi from Raw.

We are back with a look at Wrestlemania 23rd Anniversary and the Wrestlemania 3rd Anniversary which were both held in Detroit. We take a look at the Battle of Billionaires with referee Steve Austin.

Match Number Two: Shelton Benjamin versus Montel Vontavious Porter for the United States Title
They lock up and Benjamin with a clean break but it is a ruse because Benjamin kicks Porter and punches him in the corner. Benjamin with more punches and kicks in the corner. Benjamin with a hot shot into the turnbuckles and then he drops Porter on the top rope and gets a near fall. Benjamin with an abdominal stretch but Porter is able to get out of the hold with a hip toss. Porter comes off the ropes, but Benjamin with a knee to the midsection. Benjamin with a forearm in the corner. Benjamin tries for the Stinger Splash, but Porter moves and Benjamin lands on the ropes. Benjamin comes off the ropes and Porter hits an overhead belly-to-belly throw. Porter with punches to Benjamin followed by a clothesline and back elbow. Porter with a power slam. Porter tries for the big boot but Benjamin holds on to the ropes. Benjamin charges into a big boot for a near fall. Benjamin with a float over but Porter with a double thrust and a face buster. Porter sets for the B-A-L-L-I-N elbow for a near fall. Benjamin misses a dragon whip but Porter is unable to hit a suplex and Benjamin with a neck breaker for a near fall.

Benjamin tries for a clothesline but Porter counters with a back slide for a near fall. Porter with another near fall. Benjamin with a back breaker and an Exploder suplex for a near fall. Benjamin waits for Porter to get up to hit Paydirt but Porter counters with a hot shot. Porter hits the Playmaker for the three count.
Winner: Montel Vontavious Porter

It is time for a look at the man who will be beginning the Wife being kidnapped in a John Cena movie prophecy in 12 Rounds.

We take a look back at Shawn Michaels getting one over on the Undertaker in Shawn’s home town after their tag match.

We are back with the factoid about the land speed record that Smackdown achieved with their 500th episode.

Vickie Guerrero is in the locker room with her husband and she yells at Edge about what Edge did to Vickie’s lover. She says that it is about John Cena. Edge talks about the footage from last week and Edge says that he took care of it. Edge talks about how Big Show is poisoning her mind. Edge says that he had to spear the home wrecker. Edge says that Big Show is done. Vickie wants to talk to Edge, but he has already left and she cannot leave the office.

Match Number Three: Shawn Michaels versus Kane
Shawn with a chop to Kane followed by a forearm. Kane tries for a slam but Shawn escapes the hold and he punches and chops Kane. Kane with an uppercut but he misses an elbow drop. Shawn goes for the knee and then he punches Kane in the corner. Kane with another vintage uppercut. Kane chokes Shawn in the corner. Shawn kicks Kane but Kane with a knee and a forearm and elbow in the corner. Shawn punches Kane and chops him. Kane with an Irish whip and Shawn does the vintage Michaels flip. We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane with an Irish whip and running clothesline for a near fall. Kane sends Shawn’s shoulder into the turnbuckles and then he works on the arm in the ropes. Kane with a boot to the shoulder. Kane with an arm bar but Shawn gets to his feet and he punches Kane. Kane with a kick to Shawn’s shoulder followed by a snap mare and drop kick. Kane with a key lock and then he takes Shawn to the mat and gets a near fall. Kane with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot from Shawn. Shawn with a chop and forearms. Shawn with more chops as he avoids using the arm that Kane worked on. Shawn with a swinging neck breaker and both men are down. Shawn with a flying forearm and then Shawn with a kip up while Kane tries to get to his feet. Kane blocks the reverse atomic drop but Kane cannot hit the choke slam. Shawn with the reverse atomic drop followed by a clothesline and he goes up top for a vintage elbow drop but Kane gets his knee up to hit the arm. Now it is Kane’s turn for vintage top rope maneuvers and he hits the clothesline. Kane sets for the choke slam. Kane moves towards Shawn and that allows Shawn to hit Sweet Chin Music for the three count.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Vickie is in her office with her other man, Big Show. She begs for him not to do it, but Show says that he has no choice. Show says that he came out on Raw because he was going to protect Vickie, not Edge. After the spear, he cannot walk away from that. Vickie says that she does not want to see either of them get hurt. Show says that it is too late and he deserves everything that he is going to get. Show leaves and Vickie does not follow after him as we go to commercial.

We are back and we finally acknowledge the Hardy Brother Civil War and this match will be an Extreme Rules Match.

Match Number Four: Jeff Hardy versus The Brian Kendrick with Ezekiel Jackson in an Extreme Rules Match
Hardy gets rid of Ezekiel Jackson, but Kendrick takes advantage. Hardy with a kick to Jackson and then he sends Kendrick to the floor. Hardy with a pescado onto Jackson. Kendrick begs for mercy and that allows Jackson to attack Hardy from behind and he sends Hardy into the ringside barrier. Hardy hits Jackson in the back with a steel chair. Kendrick runs away from Hardy but they return to the ring and Kendrick with a leg lariat and punches. Kendrick gets the chair but Hardy comes at him. Kendrick sends Hardy into the turnbuckles. Kendrick misses a charge into the corner and Hardy gets the chair and he throws it at Kendrick. Hardy sets up the chair in front of Kendrick and Hardy hits Poetry in Motion. Hardy slams Kendrick’s head into the chair repeatedly. Hardy with a power bomb set up but he flings Kendrick over his head. Hardy with a Twist of Fate onto the chair. Hardy with a Swanton for the three count.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

We are back and did you know that the WWE gives stuff to the military who attend shows.

Tazz and Jim Ross talk about the Hall of Fame Ceremony the night before the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania. The Von Erichs are the latest inductees.

In case you missed the earlier video package or the many commercials during the show, we take another look at 12 Rounds. Did you know that John Cena’s character’s wife is kidnapped?

We see the Smack of the Night: Shawn Michaels outsmarting his tag team partner to pin Bradshaw.

Undertaker is on the mic and he tells Shawn Michaels that he is the prey and that Taker is the hunter. When Shawn least expects it, he will feel the wrath of Kh . . . the Undertaker.

Match Number Five: Undertaker versus John Bradshaw Layfield with JBLimo
The bell rings and Taker punches Bradshaw as Bradshaw stands in front of Taker holding up his new title belt. Taker with more punches and a head butt. Bradshaw responds with punches of his own and Taker slumps in the corner. The referee has to pull Bradshaw off Taker. Taker sends Bradshaw into the corner and Taker with punches and another head butt. Taker works on the arm and he goes Old School but Bradshaw bullies Taker out of the hold. Taker with a big boot and Bradshaw goes down and Taker gets a near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back in time for the vintage leg drop on the apron. Taker with an Irish whip into the ringside barrier. Taker tries for a running boot but Bradshaw moves and Taker is crotched on the wall. Bradshaw turns his attention to Taker’s leg and he sends the leg into the ring steps. Bradshaw with elbows to the leg and he works on it. Taker tries to get out of the hold with elbows to the head and he succeeds. Bradshaw clips Taker and he uses the ropes on the leg. Bradshaw with a figure four leg lock. Taker sits up as Bradshaw punches him and Taker chokes Bradshaw to get out of the hold. Bradshaw with another clip to the knee. Taker punches Bradshaw as he limps around the ring. Taker with snake eyes and a big boot and a gingerly placed leg drop for a near fall. Taker sets for the choke slam but Bradshaw with a kick to the knee and a Clothesline from Wall Street for a two count as Taker kicks out. Taker gets Bradshaw in the Devil’s Gate and Bradshaw taps out.
Winner: Undertaker

Big Show and Edge are walking in split screen as we go to commercial.

We are back and Big Show gets on the mic and he tells Edge to stop being a coward so they can settle this like men. Edge comes out and tells Show to be careful what he wishes for because he is going to get it. Show and Edge argue and talk over each other. Vickie comes out to tell her men to stop fighting. She tells them that they are in a difficult situation. Vickie says that she has a big part in this mess. She says that she is in love with both men. Vickie says that this will be settled, but it will be settled at Wrestlemania. The winner of the Triple Threat Match will not only be the World Champion, but the champion of her heart. Vickie tells them that there will be a truce. It will be over at Wrestlemania. Vickie wants them to shake hands and get along. Show says that he will shake Edge’s hand, but he does not like him. Show offers his hand and Edge shakes it.

John Cena’s music plays and he comes out. Cena has a mic and he says that there is a third person in the match at Wrestlemania who expects to win the match. He says that he wants nothing to do with Vickie Guerrero. Cena says the truce is ridiculous. Cena comments on the handshake and he talks about how awesome this is for the 500th episode of Smackdown. Cena points out that Show has done some things with his wife and Edge is going to say that it is okay. Cena asks Edge if he is scared. Cena turns his attention to Show and he points out that Show came to the ring and he got a spear for his help. Cena says that at Wrestlemania 25th Anniversary will not just be a Triple Threat Match. Cena says that Edge and Show will wrestle to see who gets Vickie’s infection. Cena corrects himself and then says that he had it right the first time.

Edge says that Vickie’s love is worth fighting for and Edge says that Cena does not know Vickie the way he does. Show says the way that they know Vickie. Edge talks about some of Vickie’s intimate features that make them love her so much. Show tells Vickie to tell her husband that Edge might not make it to Wrestlemania. Show pushes Edge while Vickie tells them to stop. Edge slaps Show and says the truce is over. Show grabs Edge by the throat and Vickie gets knocked down. Show checks on Vickie and Edge tries to spear Show, but Show moves and Edge spears Vickie. Show pushes Edge to the side and he picks up Vickie. Edge takes Vickie. Show and Edge fight over who gets to carry Vickie out of the ring. Edge clips Show and Vickie goes down. Show with a choke slam and we go to credits.