Opponent Revealed for Danny Bonaduce at TNA’s Lockdown

– It looks like Danny Bonaduce will be facing TNA’s Eric Young at the Lockdown pay-per-view next month. Here’s the scoop from Danny’s radio show website of an angle they filmed this morning:

7:46 – The Spike TV cameras are in studio and TNA wrestler Jerry Borash walks in the studio to introduce Danny’s opponent at TNA Lockdown, April 19th at the Liacouras Center. Danny will wrestle in a six-sided ring surrounded by steel! The buildup is excruciating. ‘Showtime’ Eric Young is Danny’s opponent! Eric is 5’11”, weighs in at 225 lbs. and at 29 has 12 years of professional wrestling experience. TNA Lockdown is at the Liacouras Center on April 19th. His finishing move is the Youngblood Neckbreaker. Sting is Eric’s hero in the ring. How does Eric feel about fighting Danny? It’s a letdown; it doesn’t do much for his career. Danny IS a professional wrestler, he was paid to be on Celebrity Championship Wrestling. Eric would rather be wrestling someone on the TNA roster. His biggest wins are title matches he’s won. The biggest loss? Going against Danny at Lockdown. A bigger letdown would be if 49 year-old Danny Bonaduce knocks him out. Eric doesn’t think that’s possible. Danny thinks Eric has an offensive tone.

7:58 – Eric is a company employee; he’s here because TNA is paying him to be here. Eric slams Danny calling him a D-List celebrity who gets by with his crazy act. Eric doesn’t want to talk anymore.

8:00 – Eric isn’t fond of Danny and thinks he doesn’t respect the sport of wrestling and didn’t pay his dues. Danny tells him to walk out. Eric slaps Danny. Another slap??? CHAOS BREAKS OUT!!!

8:02 – Eric is pushed out of the studio!