Cena Bad For The Environment?, Bourne’s Birthday, Miz, More

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com

— The St Petersburg Times ran an article yesterday listing John Cena as one of the biggest water users in the entire Tampa Bay region, reportedly using 2 million gallons per month at his mansion in Land O’Lakes. The area currently has a drought.

— Just a reminder that Cena will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight to promote his new movie 12 Rounds, which is in theatres tomorrow.

— The Miz and John Morrison were presenters last night at the World Magic Awards on MNTV.

— Big Time Wrestling on 3/29 in Webster, MA features John Walters, managed by John Cena Sr., vs. Justin Credible, with Ric Flair as referee. Reid Flair also wrestles on the show.

— Evan Bourne turns 26 years old today, while WWE referee Jimmy Korderas turns 47.

BREAKING NEWS: Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan meet with TNA pres. Dixie Carter this morning (full report)