Vince Freaks Out Backstage, Brooke Hogan Hacked, More

— is reporting that WWE is very much on edge about the Andrew “Test” Martin death and what caused it. This was the reason they didn’t display a memorial graphic on RAW last night.

— It’s going to be a rough week for a lot of people within WWE with ratings slipping right before WrestleMania. Vince McMahon blew a complete gasket after the ratings for SmackDown came in and the 1.9 was revealed.

— Judgment Day 2009 takes place on May 17th, 2009 in Chicago.

— As if there wasn’t enough drama going on with the Hogans right now, someone recently hacked Brooke Hogan’s cell phone and put her voicemails online. Most of the numbers have already been changed. Nick’s forwards to a taxi service.

VIEW HERE: Pics From Brooke Hogan’s Hacked Cell Phone [WOW!!! YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES >>]




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  • Nizzle

    I think one of the reasons why ratings are going down is because WWE went pg .I got more into wrestling when the matches were bloody and now its all about the kids.What a waste.

  • Tuwan

    I think Macdaddy is getting his karma back. Vnice has used the rest of the wrestling world as his personal toilet, tkaing talent,then destroying them when he’s done. (sound like a pimp) Wrestling fans today know that and don’t respect the wwe. I think he should use the woman more. Beth Phoenix WWE champ!

  • hey Vince~ you fucked up with your “rated G” for fucking children! so if it’s “G” why not bring back the gobbly goocker or doink the clown or kamala —you shit for brains!

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