Booker T Speaks On His Accents, Randy Orton, More

Booker T recently appeared on the Hit The Ropes radio show and spoke on several subjects, including WWE main eventer Randy Orton.

Booker put over Orton, saying that he could have had another significant feud with him on TV. Booker famously wrestled Chris Benoit in a Best Of Seven series for the WCW TV Title from May to June 1998, and says that he would like to elevate a younger star through another series of compelling matches. He mentioned Randy Orton as a guy who he would have liked to have that series with, because “he’s a guy who can get into the ring and perform at a level that can bring me up to another level.”

Booker also spoke on the multiple different accents on TV, saying that he does it to show his range as a performer out of the ring and that he can go from “King Booker” to “Booker T” and back again. “Hollywood is always looking, I don’t just think about the wrestling audience,” Booker said. “There are a lot of roles that need to be filled. So they’re looking for people that can who can do the scenes as well.”

Booker is looking beyond his current wrestling career to his future as an actor. “I’m putting myself in a position to do a whole lot more,” he said. “I’m always thinking about my next career.”

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