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SPOILERS: TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results (3/19)

Posted by Marc Middleton in iMPACT! Results, TNA News
Monday, March 16th, 2009

TNA spoilers for this Thursday 3/19 from Orlando, Florida:

*The Main Event Mafia come out to the ring. said that everything he predicted for came true and that it was the biggest screwjob since Montreal. Yes, since Montreal. tells Angle that he has been loyal to the Mafia but it’s Angle he has a problem with. Nash sides with and says that he owed Angle nothing. Nash says that he does owe the rest of them something since the last two PPVs, has had his hands raised by . Sting asks Nash what does he want him to do. Angle says he wants Sting to be his partner tonight against and . Jarrett comes out and reminds Angle that he is just a wrestler, not a member of management and he doesn’t make the matches. Angle says Jarrett is just trying to protect Sting, that Sting is a liar and Foley is on the inactive list. Foley comes out and asks Sting if he is the decider and that he never ever said he’s wrestled his last match. Foley says he’s in for the main event. Angle tells Jarrett to “Man Up” (Briscoes, represent yo). Jarrett accepts and said it all ends tonight.

* wore a hoodie over his face to mask whatever “did to him” at the PPV.

Team No Limit defeated The Motor City Machineguns. attacks No Limit and lays them out. Robert Roode takes the mic and says they want to apologize to for how they acted last night at the PPV. He says that he knows is going to ask for a rematch at and that’s what they want, a rematch in Philadelphia inside the Six Sides of Steel. He said that when they beat 3D in Philly, they will finally get the respect they deserve. Brother Ray comes out and offers to put the IWGP Tag Team belts against the TNA Tag belts in a battle for true dominance. Ray said when they win, they’ll be 22 time tag team champions. Storm says it won’t be an off the wagon challenge because they want 3D around to know that they used to be the best, but now its Beer Money. All four have a staredown.

* & ODB defeated Raisha Saied & TNA Knockouts champ Awesome Kong when Wilde pinned Kong. Kong attacked ODB afterwards and was beating her when Cody Deaner came from the crowd for the save.

*Jim Cornette interviewed TNA Legends champion . He congratulates Styles for winning the belt and said that after all the Main Event Mafia has done, Styles got a piece back for the Frontline. comes out and says that if Styles is going to defend the belt against anyone, it’s him. He calls Styles a paper champion. Styles tells Booker that he’s not going to do anything. Sharmell claims that AJ stole the title and Booker will get it back on his own time.

*The Governor defeated . The Beautiful People attacked the Governor and Rayne cut some of her hair.

*Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley defeated TNA champion Sting & Kurt Angle. Jeff Jarrett was going to hit Angle with his guitar but Sting grabbed it. Foley nailed Sting with a chair and pinned him.

*Sting grabs the mic and said he he wanted back in the ring, he should have said it. Sting said he saw Foley say two weeks ago that Sting made his career on “Hardcore History” , but now Sting is going to end it. He challenges Foley to a match at Lockdown.


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