The Final Blog Post from Andrew “Test” Martin

– Early last week, Andrew “Test” Martin posted a blog on his MySpace page talking about his recent tour of Japan, which included a bout with former TNA wrestler Lance Hoyt. He also noted plans to head to Europe for a wrestling tour throughout Europe on Monday.

Here is his blog post in its entirety:

Hey all! I just got back from Tokyo, Japan. I have been to Japan several times but this was by far the best trip there for a number of reasons.

First I must thank Mr. Aso who treated me beyond first class and is a total gentleman as well as a great human being himself. My trip there was first class all the way. Thanks to Mr. Ena for making my flight the best flight I had ever been on. Mr. Aso flew me first class on United airlines who I must thank the ladies on board, who kept feeding me steak and chicken every two hours. It ended up being about a 24 hour travel day. When I landed I was greeted by Mr. Yabe another kind and stand up man. We chatted for a bit and waited for Vader.

For those of you who do not know Leon (Vader) he is a total gentleman. I met Leon about ten years ago when I was training at Brets house he was kind to me then and was nothing but a gentleman to me now and we became good friends on this trip. Leon is a stand up guy and I want to thank him as well for a wonderfull trip.

Mr. Aso put us up in the Keio Plaza hotel which is one of the nicest hotels in tokyo. I want to thank Mr.Tiger Kihara who is one of the funniest guys I have met and a master at wrestling impressions and kept me laughing the whole time. Thanks to Golds gym who took great care of me there.

I worked my first match with Lance Hoyt. Lance is green but has a lot of promise and under the right guidance can have a great match because he is a good athlete. He needs to be in the WWE were I think he could learn and reach full potential…thanks Lance.

My second match was with a Japanese shooter named Nagai{hopefully I spelled that right} A totally diferant style but we had a great match together. He works almost as stiff as I do…lol.

I was very humbled by the reception from the Japanese fans. The Japanese people are so respectfull you can’t help but love it there. I loved Japan for so many reasons and hope to makee it my wrestling home. Japan is so beautifull and full of things to do, I could see myself living there it was that much fun. Thanks again to Mr. Aso your a real gentleman and number one in my books.

On March 16th, I will be heading to Europe for two weeks in France, Sweden and Belgum. This is with the crew from Ireland. These guys hold a special place in my heart because they stuck by me when I was going thru some hard times and we all ended up becoming good friends. Great guys and fantastic people to work for, from Martin, to Mick, Joe, Jamie, Grant, Patty, Justin Shape, Lizzy, Anne, Ken, the whole crew are just great and I’m looking forward to this trip.

That’s all for to you soon Andrew