Hogan Update, The Rock/Leno Last Night, More

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com

— Dwayne Johnson was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. Nothing too newsworthy to mention, although they did talk about him playing The Rock Obama on SNL. When talked about his past he went from football then skipped right to acting. Speaking of The Rock, his new movie Race To Witch Mountain opens today in 3,187 theatres. Roger Ebert, who is a fan of Johnson, gave the movie two-and-a-half stars.

— To update on the current Hogan divorce situation, Hulk has been given the OK to withdraw $225,000 to pay his bills because he ‘only‘ had $300,000-some in his checking account. The shouting match in court yesterday between Hulk Hogan and Linda’s lawyer has gotten coverage on CNN and will be getting play on tonight’s Showbiz Tonight as well.

— Wrestling journalist Alex Marvez has a column at ScrippsNews.com looking at the drop in wrestling’s popularity among casual fans in 2008.

Pics of John Cena & his real-life fiancee getting drunk + Orton’s real-life wife (email if you can’t find them)