Kizarny Speaks on His Release, Lilian Appearing on Show, More

– Former WWE Superstar Kizarny (real name Nick Cvjetkovich) posted a blog on his MySpace account yesterday and he doesn’t appear to be upset over being let go by World Wrestling Entertainment earlier in the week. He doesn’t have plans to quit wrestling either.

“I just want to take a moment to thank the Rasslin Universe for your kind words and support for me both in the WWE and beyhond!!! I am not gonna complain or be bitter,” Kizarny wrote. “I will simply prove myself even more as I am One of a Kind. Btw I wasn’t kidding in my Feizirst Bleizog when I told you that I suck at technology, I almost threw my laptop from my porch into the waves of Wizard Beach because just as I had finished typing my Seizecond Bleizog I hit the wrong button and poof… GONE!!!”

Kizarny added that he’s “too stupid and crazy to ever quit” the wrestling business and he’s going continue to entertain the fans whether he’s in a “SmackDown ring or not.” Kizarny plans on taking indy bookings soon and taking “this rasslin-sideshow on the road.”

To read his blog in its entirety, click here. He also added the wacky blog he posted on the WWE Universe on Monday that was deleted upon the announcement of his release from the company.

– Lilian Garcia will be appearing on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet tomorrow morning. Garcia issued the following notice on her MySpace account regarding her upcoming television appearance: See me Thursday, March 12th, on “Mike & Juliet Show”! Fox Network – Check your local listings for show times. – Lilian 🙂

– This month’s issue of WWE Magazine features an interview with ECW Superstar Ricky Ortiz regarding his time at Deer Valley High School in Glendale, Arizona. Ortiz says he was not rebellious in high school.

“At times I came close, but I never got into fights unless I was on the football field,” Ortiz said. “My friends were from different groups, including the drama club!”

Ortiz briefly touches up on his football career, saying: “As a third-generation football player, I was very focused on honoring my family’s bloodline and tradition. With the help of my father, I became the hardest-hitting player on the whole team.”

He also comments on his after-school job, his strongest & weakest subjects, the song he “rocked out to,” and more.