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JR Blog: Kozlov-JBL, Evan Bourne’s Return, Steamboat, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

is back with another blog update over at Here are some of the highlights:

– I recently wrote that I was interested in seeing new IC Champion be a tag team partner with Russian this Monday on Raw against HBK and the in San Antonio. It just seems to me that a man like JBL is often times challenged to get along with anyone much less someone from a different culture that, most likely, JBL was raised to not trust. Hey, maybe the former Texan and the Moscow Mauler will function well but that’s what makes it fun to watch the live show and to see what does transpire. That’s not to say that there could be fireworks in HBK’s hometown between him and his tag partner of the evening and opponent at WM25. Hell, you know somethings got to happen, right?

– Don’t know if WWE is going to have a celeb entrant into the HOF this year or not but some day I hope that Bob Uecker can break his way free from spring baseball and join the festivities as he is one of the funniest guys around. Uecker’s classic bits with Andre are still replayed and are still funny. I have his “Major League” films damn near memorized and the former MLB catcher really displayed his comic genius in those over achieving films. Uecker reminds me of Bobby Heenan, just a naturally funny guy with impeccable timing.

– Speaking of The Brain, I haven’t heard how he has been feeling lately but I think about him daily. I owe Mrs. Brain, Cindi, an email. However, for my money there has NEVER been a more talented three prong guy in the business as Bobby Heenan. Is any one even close? He was a wrestler who took the biggest bumps while taking the greatest ass whipping ever, to becoming the best manager ever in the business and finally becoming , arguably, the most colorful antagonist, color commentator on TV. The business will likely never see another like Bobby Heenan especially with the fact that wrestling managers seem to be on the endangered species list and Bobby’s talent was a gift from the good Lord.

– 2009 WWE HOF’er ’s son Richie has been in Japan for the past several months training in a dojo but will be back in the States in time to see induct Richie’s Dad into the Hall. The younger Steamboat, and I have said this before, looks to be a near “can’t miss” prospect and that is something that I don’t throw around freely.

– Nice to see returning to ECW from an ankle or foot injury. I really like this young man who has a great attitude and might not be the biggest dog in the fight but so what?! I hope “Air” (a nickname I suggested at TV one night) gets red hot on ECW and then gets drafted to Friday Night Smackdown. Or it could work the other way around and I could get drafted to ECW and help establish the younger talents being brought onto the roster. That would be a fun assignment too.

– While in Stamford I am doing a LONG interview on the rise and fall of WCW. Man, am I ready for this one!


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