WWE Contacts Another Interesting Diva Name for WrestleMania

– In a bit of a shocker, we can confirm that WWE officials have contacted former WWE Women’s Champion Debra Marshall, 49, about appearing at the 25 Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV.

As reported a few days ago, Debra recently decided to accept wrestling-related bookings again. Through wrestling promoter Marvin Ward, the former WWE Diva is available for autograph appearances, conventions, store openings, wrestling appearances and interviews.

Debra last appeared in wrestling in June 2002. However, her husband at the time, Steve Austin, walked out of World Wrestling Entertainment, with Debra following. She was never seen in WWE again.

Debra’s been a bit more visible in recent years, having appeared in the films Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy and Gathering of Heroes: Legend of the Seven Swords, the latter of which is due for release sometime this year.

What would make this possible appearance so shocking is that in the summer of 2007, Debra appeared on a number of news programs to discuss the Chris Benoit double murder and suicide, not to mention wrestling’s seedy underbelly. Suffice it to say, WWE officials were not the least bit happy with Debra’s accusations.

Debra described steroids and drugs as the cause of former husband “Stone Cold” Steve Austin hitting her in June 2002 and suggested links with them to the death of Benoit and his family. She said Benoit was a “nice person,” but that drugs can change people, as they did her former husband. According to Debra, Austin beat her three times, including holding her down on the floor and hitting her in the head and back while on drugs, which is why she divorced him.

Debra also told Fox News that WWE had a “code of silence” where she was not allowed to reveal that Austin hit her, as it would cost the company millions of dollars because “Stone Cold” was one of their biggest stars. Debra said she revealed the information five years later as she was suffering from depression from the whole ordeal.