Notes On Dwayne Johnson’s Name Change, Angle, More


–The movie “The Wrestler” is now playing at a lot of hotels as a PPV movie.

— On Howard Stern today, he promoted that Kurt Angle would be appearing on the show soon, but didn’t specify a date.

— Phil Mushnick wrote a column yesterday about the direction of sports talk, mentioning the Mark Madden situation in Pittsburgh and noting that he’s doing what the stations want him to. He also noted that Jonathan Coachman is one of the only ex-WWE announcers who actually lists his WWE experience on his bio for ESPN. On a related note, those close to Coachman say he loves his job at ESPN, and has told people he would never go back to WWE.

— Yesterday’s New York Daily News had a story on Dwayne Johnson that said Johnson’s name is now bigger than the name The Rock.

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