WWE Releases Another SmackDown Superstar

– WWE has released SmackDown Superstar Ryan Braddock sometime in the past few days. Braddock was signed to a developmental deal in December of 2005 and worked in Deep South, Ohio Valley and Florida Championship Wrestling before debuting for SmackDown in August of last year. The last time we saw Braddock, he defeated Festus by DQ before being taken off by Jesse & Festus as a part of the “moving to MyNetworkTV” angle.

As noted just the other day, Braddock had been sent back down to FCW, doing a gimmick where he would watch the matches from ringside and keep checking the Internet on a laptop that he had with him.




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  • Carolyn

    what is going on with this site lately. Things are not loading properly. Why have a story here if there is nothing there when you open it…..

  • Vegas Martin

    There was a script error that caused text to disappear. I think I fixed the problem so there shouldn’t be any more issues.

  • andrew

    Nice use of the term “superstar”. That;s like calling Matt Hardy or anybody in TNA a superstar

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