The WWE Diva Pecking Order, Candice Michelle Spotted, More

– Candice Michelle did not appear at this past week’s edition of RAW, but she was seen at the 5th Annual National Heads-Up Poker Championship DRAW Party at PURE in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday night. She was on hand at the event as a representative of

– In an interesting note, the roster sheet we posted Thursday night for this past Monday’s RAW featured what looks to be the pecking order for talent in World Wrestling Entertainment. All of the performers in the company were divided by brand, as well as sides (babyface and heel). It would appear that the performers were listed in order of importance/usefulness at the moment, from the company’s view. For instance, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho were listed as the top heel wrestlers on RAW, with seldom-used wrestlers Sim Snuka and Dolph Ziggler listed at the bottom. Wrestlers such as Batista and Mr. Kennedy were listed below the likes of Charlie Haas and Kizarny on the list, but they’re inactive, so they’re not really below them on the WWE pecking order. Due to their inactivity, Batista and Kennedy are of no use to WWE for the week’s set of TV tapings, which explains why they’re listed at the bottom. Technically, Haas and Kizarny would be of greater use to WWE for the week’s tapings than Batista and Kennedy because they’re both active, unlike them.

According to the roster sheet, here is the pecking order for the WWE Divas:

Babyface RAW Divas: Melina, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Candice Michelle
Heel RAW Divas: Beth Phoenix, Layla, Rosa Mendes, Jillian Hall
Babyface SmackDown Divas: Maria, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Eve, Gail Kim
Heel SmackDown Divas: Maryse, Michelle McCool, Natalya
Babyface ECW Divas: Alicia Fox, Tiffany
Heel ECW Divas: Katie Lea Burchill

– The roster sheet also features a recent transactions list. The recent releases of Manu and Scotty Goldman were noted. A “roster move” was also noted, reading “Natalya is still SmackDown.” In recent weeks, Natalya has primarily appeared on ECW, seconding newcomer Tyson Kidd. The roster sheet clarified her status, so it’s not a mere oversight on the part of the WWE website, who are listing her on SmackDown instead of ECW.