WWE Star Gets a New Gimmick, Update on Boogeyman’s Release, More

– SmackDown wrestler Ryan Braddock is now doing a gimmick in Florida Championship Wrestling where he watches matches and is always on his laptop computer checking the Internet.

– WWE developmental wrestler Sebastian Slater (Heath Miller) recently returned to action after a four month long absence due to a knee injury.

– As reported earlier, Marty “Boogeyman” Wright was released from World Wrestling Entertainment this past Wednesday. His release from the company looks to be a cost-cutting move — at least in part — as he was sent on the road last weekend, but only did a run-in. As noted several times, WWE’s looking to cut costs everywhere and the idea of sending talent on the road for a mere run-in is a cost that would be eliminated.

While he had a very unique character that was very effective early on, everyone knew it wasn’t a gimmick that was going to last. Following his return to ECW, he was pretty much used as an afterthought and rarely put on the house show circuit.

Wright was discovered when he sent in an application to the 2004 Tough Enough contest, where he and Daniel Rodimer were regarded as favorites as their tapes primarily aired during commercials for the show. After surviving the first day of eliminations, however, he admitted that he was actually 40 years old — five years over the competition’s cut off point — and not 30 as he’d claimed. As a result he was cut from the competition. An official also cut a speech on him, saying you can’t lie and make it in the professional wrestling business.

Though he’d been cut from Tough Enough, WWE officials invited him to come to their developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling for possible training. He trained between January and June 2005, making his wrestling debut on June 25, 2005. During his stay at OVW, he used to always tell Daniel Puder, who won, that if he hadn’t have been kicked out, he’d have gotten the contract. In the end, he lasted much longer than Puder.

Wright got a huge push from the start, but constant injuries would often curtail his momentum.

His planned debut in the summer of 2005 was delayed when he hyperextended both knees and needed time to recover. The injury put him out until October of that year.

Wright nearly missed taking part in his first and only match at WrestleMania 22, a win over Booker T and Sharmell. The match was exceptionally short because the week before WrestleMania, he tore his left biceps at a house show. To explain his absence to rehab his injury, Booker T and Sharmell obtained a restraining order against Boogeyman, who actually had surgery that week to repair his biceps tear. He would not return until October.

In June 2007, Wright was moved from the SmackDown brand to ECW in the annual WWE draft. Following his move to the brand, Wright’s matches became longer and he started to become more involved with the regular mix of stars such as CM Punk and John Morrison. WWE even put him in Fatal Four Way match for a shot at the ECW title; which he lost. On the September 18, 2007 edition of ECW, Boogeyman and Big Daddy V faced off in their first one-on-one match, which Boogeyman lost. Following the match, he was taken off the road as a result of another injury. He would not return full-time until over a year later in October 2008.

Wright was being used quite a bit in recent weeks, so his release from the company was a bit of a surprise. His last match with WWE aired this past Tuesday, a squash loss to Kane.

Despite his release from WWE, this is not the end for The Boogeyman. He was already taking independent bookings mere hours after the announcement of his release from the company. With his gimmick, he should be able to get a lot of work on the indy circuit if he wants it.