TNA Wrestler Says Everyone In TNA Wants To Be In WWE

TNA wrestler Sonjay Dutt, who is about to be let go from TNA, says that everyone on the TNA roster has a desire to be in WWE.

“Any professional wrestler – ask everybody in TNA no matter where you are – they’re going to want to be in WWE,” Dutt told World Band Media radio. “That’s the top; that’s the best. Every professional wrestler deep down in their heart wants to be in WWE.”

Dutt said the top stars however probably enjoy working for TNA more than WWE due to the easier schedule and generous pay. “WWE’s schedule is so insane and hectic, so for a guy like Sting who has put his time into the business, he doesn’t need to be on the road,” Dutt said. “TNA is a good option. It has a light schedule to make the kind of money they want to make.”

Sonjay’s contract with TNA expires at the end of the month. He’s headed to Japan this weekend for a tour with Zero-One, then he’s back on the indy circuit here in the U.S. There have been rumors that WWE is interested in Sonjay, which he obviously hopes are true. Dutt believes he could be a valuable asset to WWE for their upcoming tour of India and progressive international expansion in Southeast Asia.

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