News & Notes From This Week’s SmackDown Taping

Thanks to reader Tarun Gulati for sending this in:

I attended the Smackdown tapings at Mohegan Sun and wanted to inform you what the dark match main event was.

As advertised, it was indeed a triple threat match for the WWE Title featuring Edge, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy. The match played off like a handicap match with Edge and Matt teaming up to beat up on Jeff. Jeff got plenty of momentum throughout the match and was able to fend off the two. Lots of good action with Jeff cleaning house several times. The match ended when Edge was thrown out of the ring, Jeff hit Twist of Fate and the Swanton on Matt and went for the pinfall. Edge being the ultimate opportunist that he is slid back into the ring, threw Jeff out of the ring, and covered Matt to retain his title.

Following the match, Matt was laying in the ring. Jeff got back into the ring and reached his hand out for Matt to get up. Matt gets up on his own and Jeff still extends his hand while looking around at the crowd. He then hits Matt with Twist of Fate and leaves the ring, getting a huge reaction from the crowd.

Most Pops:
The Undertaker
Jeff Hardy
Triple H
John Cena
Finlay and Hornswaggle
MVP (lots of chants for him in his match vs Matt Hardy!)

Most Heat: :
Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes
Matt Hardy
Vladmir Kozlov
Big Show
Vicki Guerrero

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