Former WCW Wrestler Speaks On WCW Politics, Drugs & More

Former WCW Superstar, The Stro (The Meastro), who worked for WCW, recently took some time out of his scheduled to speak with He spoke on several topics from how he started his career in WCW, working with Chris Benoit & Sting, politics in WCW, drugs in wrestling, Ric Flair and much more. Here are some highlights from the interview or to read the complete interview.

On his time in WCW: My time with WCW was one of if not the best of my career. My overseas run along with my time with the USWA was very influential in meeting the higher ups in WCW at the time. Wrestling and working with arguably the best wrestling talent in the world was a real treat and a time in my career I will always cherish and appreciate.

On a WWE tryout with Chris Benoit: We both tried out for the WWE in the mid-90’s. But neither of us were taken in the company at the time. Ironically we both ended up in WCW years later.

On drugs in wrestling: The drug testing today is a lot stricter. Something I have always pride myself on is that I have always trained naturally. Longevity should be the key in anything as well as life.

On working with several stars in WCW: Sting was the first wrestler I faced in WCW in the 90’s. Awesome charisma and a great athlete. Jerry Lawler and I have had some great matches in the mid 90’s with the USWA. Scott Hall and I had a great tag team match with Sid Vicious and Jerry Lawler during that time as well. Scott Hall was a great guy and wished we could have done more together during my run with WCW. Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan went to bat for me signing a deal with WCW.

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  • Chris

    Who cares? Everybody knows the politics behind the scenes of a company that went under 8 YEARS AGO!!! My God, Chris Jericho is right….even the losers of WCW can’t let go..

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