eFed: The Rock Wins The World Title!

The eFed has finally been shaken up. No longer are the initial champions from the tournaments title holders. All titles have changed hands once, which I’ll be making title histories for. The Rock is the new World Champion! He defeated The Undertake by only 1 vote! I couldn’t believe it happened. The Rock jumped out to an early lead until The Undertaker blew past him, but The Rock came back from behind to win.

Steve Austin defended his Intercontinental Title successfully against Randy Orton. That will prompt a #1 contender match for The Rock’s World Title next week against his arch nemesis, Triple H.  Will that lead to Austin going on to challenge The Rock for the title next week and having him be the first man to capture both the World and Intercontinental Titles? You get to decide by voting!

Jeff Hardy has hung onto the Hardcore Title for a few weeks, but this time it will be hardcore. Cactus Jack has challenged him to a Barbed Wire Match. Cactus has questioned Hardy’s guts and says he doesn’t have the honor to carry the Hardcore Title and he wants it back after Edge stole it from him before dropping the title to Hardy.

After beating Rey Mysterio for the Cruiserweight Title, Eddie Guerrero seeks to defend it against the man of 1,000 holds, Dean Malenko. Chris Jericho has been running his mouth about both wrestlers and has made it known that he wants a shot at either of these two guys.

Lastly, Goldberg and DDP will square off to decide who was WCW’s top star in 1998 and the winner will get a shot at Steve Austin’s Intercontinental Title.