The Meaning Of CM Punk’s Tatoo Revealed – Details

Thanks to Ron Showtime for the following: I found the previously unknown meaning behind one of CM Punk’s tattoos and thought I’d share it with your readers. If you look at his right forearm you will see the tattoo in question. On the far left, you’ll see a red bar-like tattoo on Punk’s right arm. That is a chinese I’Ching symbol and I finally found it’s meaning. In the I’Ching, the series of 6 broken and full lines mean something different, based on how they are layered– but here is what Punk’s means:

Chi – Completion Achieved – Water Above Flame Below – IChing Hexagram – “Be prepared for the totally unexpected, even if everything in your life seems harmonious and ordered. This is not yet the time to relax, overconfidence will cause your hold on order to slip.”

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