Many New Details on WWE’s Legends of WrestleMania Video Game

– Thanks to Chad Mosher for the following:

I put together some news about the forthcoming WWE Legends of Wrestlemania game from THQ based on an online chat that was held last night with Paul Edwards from the design team.

*The control system is designed to be something of a mix between the old school arcade game style play and today’s controls.

*There is no Playstation 2 version as they wanted to focus on the newer systems to keep their efforts focused on the highest quality game possible.

*There are no female characters in the game due to time constraints.

*There will be characters that fans can unlock via gameplay. They teased Howard Finkel.

*There will be 30 “Legends” in the game but you will be able to bring over the WWE roster and created characters you’ve put together from the most recent Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 game. The only exception will be characters that were later created for SVR2009 as downloadable additions.

*There will be Steel Cage and Ladder matches in the game. The cage will be the old school big blue cage. The game will also feature a Royal Rumble.

*There are video montages that WWE edited together for the “Wrestlemania tour mode” portion of the game, including some footage that WWE has never released on DVD before.

*Designers have recreated all of the venues and looks of the first 15 Wrestlemania events, minus the “WWF” logo, which they can’t use for legal reasons.

*Like Smackdown vs. Raw 2009, you will be able to import custom music for your characters.

*Damien the snake and Frankie the bird pop up.

*All of the classic music will be used for Legends, as well as some new music for talents that didn’t have music that was still available for the game.

*There will be no referee visible in the game as the look is meant to be a throwback to the early WWF Arcade Games and there were no referees in those.

*The hope is to make the game a yearly franchise like Smackdown vs. Raw but game sales will determine whether that happens.

*There will be multiple costumes for talents.

*The World Heavyweight, Million Dollar, Intercontinental, and Tag Team championships are included in the game.

*No Kim Chee with Kamala.

*You will be able to create stables in the game.

*There will only be four managers in the game and you will not be able to create managers on your own.