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JR Blog: Last Night’s RAW, Watts and the WWE HOF, Maryse, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

is back with another blog update at, talking about last night’s RAW among other things. Here are the highlights:

continues to star w/ a mic in his hand. I don’t know where this Legend’s based issue is heading but I am more than interested in it thanks to Winnipeg’s talented Jericho. Who will Y2J offend next week?

– The HHH-Orton segment was money. Plain and simple…this piece of business sold PPV’s. Personal issues have always been the foundation of wrestling and this matter is the most personal issue in WWE in years. The challenge will be to build from Monday night but that is certainly doable. This issue also helps HHH’s Friday Night Smackdown broadcast of which I have a vested interest.

– I personally enjoyed the old school HBK-Koslov bout. Koslov focusing on HBK’s back worked for me. Loved the closing moments that included a surprise appearance by the . The Michaels vs. WM25 bout will be special knowing these 2 men as I do. Both have contributed mightily at past ‘Manias and to be able to wrestle each other in Texas will be special for each of them.

– Loved the Bill Watts HOF feature which did a great job of introducing Bill to a generation of fans who might not have been familiar with the Big Cowboy. Watts was a main event star in every major American, wrestling territory in the 60’s & 70’s. Watts learned from the masters of the biz and the Dean’s List student at Oklahoma then put together an amazing resume as a promoter and producer of great, episodic TV. Bill also had a great eye for talent and was a legendary taskmaster who always demanded great effort from everyone who worked for him. I know that I would have never have achieved what ever good fortune has come my way in the business without Cowboy’s learning tree. I look forward to inducting Bill in the WWE HOF on April 4. I hope to make it succinct and entertaining.

– Surprising to see Divas Champ on Raw but that has to bode well for Friday nights on MyNetworkTV. Much like Gomez Adams, loves it when speaks French.


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