John Cena/WrestleMania Update, Cruise With The King, More


— Jerry “The King” Lawler will be doing a Royal Cruise from July 30th through to August 3rd. More information is available at Some of the things you can do on board include behind the scene stories about old-time and modern day wrestlers, special gift, only available aboard the cruise (a numbered and framed sketch by The King himself) and tanning sessions on deck with The King.

— Reader Andy F. is open to selling,,,, and additional domain names. He can be reached at [email protected]

— Former World Wrestling Entertainment referees Wes Adams and Mike Posey are scheduled to be facing each other in a wrestling match at the Spring Bash 2009 show in Summit, MS at the Gordon Covington Rotary Gym on March 28th. Both former WWE referees are also trained wrestlers.

— The feeling is that the Edge vs. Big Show Championship match for WrestleMania 25 will most likely end up in a three-way match featuring John Cena.

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