Hogan Teases WM 25 Return, Booker T/WWE Update, RAW

credit: WrestlingObserver.com

— Hulk Hogan announced on his Twitter page that he called Vince McMahon recently, and McMahon is open to Hulk coming back. In actuality, Vince is the one who contacted Hogan and asked him to come back. He also teased being at WrestleMania, saying “There seems to be a lot of buzz about my involvement with WrestleMania 25; I guess we’ll just have to see what happens. Stay tuned Maniacs.”

— The weather is real bad in Boston today, but it likely won’t be affecting RAW tonight. Most of the WWE crew was already in the Northeast area for house shows, and WWE always asks talent to be at the arena in the afternoon anyway in case of flight delays due to weather.

— To update on our previous story about WWE taking talent from Booker T’s WrestleMania weekend fanfest in Houston, it turns out that Booker’s convention is actually for charity.

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