WWE Developmental’s New Kid Friendly Gimmick, Interesting RAW Star Stat

– As seen on Monday’s RAW, Dolph Ziggler made his first televised wrestling appearance of the year in a mixed tag match against Cryme Tyme and Melina. This was his first wrestling appearance on RAW since the December 29, 2008 show. Following Ziggler’s appearance, as well as Manu’s release from the company on Monday, that leaves Charlie Haas as the only active wrestler on the main roster to not wrestle on television in 2009 (Batista & Evan Bourne are injured; DH Smith & Ryan Braddock are in developmental). Haas has not competed on RAW since December 29, 2008 when he lost to Sim Snuka. While Haas still has yet to compete in a televised match this year, he actually has appeared on the program at least once in 2009. He appeared on stage alongside the RAW roster during the infamous Shane McMahon-Randy Orton confrontation on January 26.

– WWE developmental wrestler Sweet Papi Sanchez is doing a kid friendly gimmick in Florida Championship. Initially, he appeared to be doing a gimmick similar to Viscera’s “Love Machine” act, but now he’s throwing candy out to kids in the audience when he makes his entrance. He debuted the gimmick at a recent television taping. As recently as late last year, Sanchez was doing a masked monster gimmick under the name Black Pain. WWE had plans to call him up to the main roster as part of “dark” stable alongside Hade Vansen and Kevin Thorn to feud with Undertaker, but plans were called off after Vince McMahon saw Vansen’s bizarre vignette on a December episode of SmackDown. McMahon did not want unproven wrestlers involved in a program with Taker, so their call-ups were nixed. Vansen and Thorn were released from the company a few weeks later.