TNA iMPACT Ratings Breakdown: Who Drew, Who Didn’t


This week’s episode of TNA iMPACT drew a 1.29 cable rating, which is down from last week’s 1.33, but is still rounded up to a 1.3 and was only a slight drop from last week’s show. That’s the good news.

The bad news however is hidden in the quarter hours. Once again, that nasty trend of losing viewers as the show progressed reared it’s head. The lowest quarter-hour of the show was the final quarter-hour, which drew a 1.23. While a 1.23 is fine by TNA standards, the fact that it was the final segment is a disturbing trend that TNA struggles to defeat. It basically means that the booking of the show caused more people to tune out than tune in over the course of the two hour broadcast.

The big drop came right after the TNA Knockouts match which featured Rhaka Khan and Sojo Bolt vs. Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed. The second lowest quarter-hour drop came from a quarter with two commercials in it, and also contained no wrestling. The drop happened right before and during Samoa Joe’s backstage assault on Scott Steiner.

The highest rating was for the Main Event Mafia in-ring segment with Mike Tenay where Kevin Nash held court. The Don West heel turn afterwards apparently didn’t fare well, as that quarter-hour dropped from a 1.34 to a 1.29, but in fairness, that segment also contained two commercial breaks. Segments with two commercial breaks generally have a higher drop in ratings for all TV programming across the board.

Last week TNA had a steady hype for a Kurt Angle vs. Sting match which lead to a steady increase in ratings. This week’s show had hype for a contract signing, but no hype for the 4-way X Division ladder match which ended up not lasting very long anyways.

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