The Latest from Michelle McCool and Lilian Garcia

– Former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool has posted a new blog on the WWE Universe site talking about her recent endeavors on Friday Night SmackDown.

“I’ve been getting hassled with the same question: “Michelle, what is wrong with you?” And to that, I have a simple answer – NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!,” McCool wrote. “Once these other “divas” realize that this is my time, my world, my dream and they are just blessed to be passing through it, THEN things will be much better for us all! 🙂 End of story…”

She then rants on Maria and Eve Torres, saying: “I’m not sure what these two really think they are ever going to accomplish. Heck, they can barely “gang up” together and beat someone, much less do it themselves. I actually have a really good idea for the two of them. They should get all dolled up, quit pretending to play “WRESTLER” and battle it out backstage where they belong – on the mic!” McCool then talks about what the deal is between her and Maryse. She says while they tagged on last week’s show, they are not friends. “I definitely will do what I’m told to do, which in last weeks’ case was tagging with Maryse. But, I won’t say it was on my list of favorites,” McCool wrote. “If you didn’t notice, she wasn’t very eager to get in and get physical. She was more worried about looking at herself than worrying about the match.”

She then goes “outside the ropes” to talk about her recent travels as she’s been really busy as of late. She also hopes to wrestle at WrestleMania. “Wrestlemania is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited,” McCool wrote. “As always, it’s once again my dream to take part inside the ring at WM! Will it happen….only time will tell! One thing is for sure, I will be prepared!”

– Lilian Garcia is the latest Diva to speak out on Victoria’s departure from World Wrestling Entertainment and what the former Women’s Champion meant to her. Lilian still feels a tremendous void with Victoria not being around as they were close friends. While they were on separate brands the past few years, they’d cross paths at pay-per-views and often see each other outside of work.

“We shared amazing times together and if I was ever down or in a bad mood, it was Victoria who could make me laugh and snap me out of it,” Lilian wrote. She also talks about being the last one remaining from the early years in the woman’s locker room that included the likes of Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Molly Holly and Lita.

“Well, with Victoria leaving, I am now the last of that group still remaining in the WWE,” Lilian wrote. “Even though I love the girls I work with now, I’m really going to miss all these girls very much. I still get to see them from time to time but it certainly is not the same as seeing them every week.”