Don West’s Heel Turn On iMPACT A Shoot?, Details


Don West’s heel turn on iMPACT this week seems like it came out of nowhere, but what he said about Mike Tenay actually does parallel his real-life reputation. Tenay has a reputation of being spineless at booking and production meetings dating back to his WCW days. The feeling was that he would never say what he knew needed to be said because he wanted to protect his job, and a lot of people resent Tenay for that. The fact that this was brought up on TV however was quite a twist. There’s no word on where they are going with this, but it’s been said that Tenay and West both have had bouts of insecurity about their positions as announcers in the past, so this does draw from reality.

When it comes to some of the things West said on iMPACT, there are some people within the company who really do feel that way about Tenay and were glad to see him called out for it on TV.

There are rumblings that Foley may be added to the announce team, but those are simply rumors at this point and shouldn’t be taken too seriously just yet.

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