Foley Teases A Swerve In The M.E.M. Storyline, & More

Former WWE champ Mick Foley teased a return to in-ring action at the Lockdown PPV in April in a recent interview with Slam Wrestling, saying . “I am training and gearing up as if I might have to do something at that show. I’ll leave it at that, for people to wonder about.”

Foley also hinted that there could be some twists and turns in the Main Event Mafia storyline. “I think the feud has given a lot of focus to the show,” he said. “We haven’t seen anybody jump sides, and depending on who does, it could be even more interesting. (It could) shake things up in a big way. Who knows? It might be me.”

Minor SPOILERS are below:

Foley is expected to face Sting at the Lockdown pay-per-view. It remains to be seen which wrestler will be with the Main Event Mafia at that time. Lockdown is the all-cage match PPV, so a babyface vs. babyface match is unlikely.

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