CM Punk Speaks on Wrestling Rey & Regal, the WWE IC Title and More

– The Steel Cage blog at has a new interview up with WWE Intercontinental Champion CM Punk. You can read the full interview at this link, but here are the highlights:

Punk on WWE’s new kid-friendly direction: I think it’s great. I think the more kids the better, because that used to be me. I think the kids bring a different dynamic to it because they look at guys like Rey Mysterio and John Cena as super heroes. And when they come to the shows they can reach out and they can touch them. If anything it makes our job easier. The only thing we have to sell to these little kids is that it’s good vs. evil. And you cheer and you boo who you like and how you don’t like.

Punk on ROH: I’m proud to be able to say that I’m one of the guys that built that places – to just be able to say that that place is around because of me and handful of other guys. When times were tough, we were the guys who carried that place on our back – me, Samoa Joe, Homicide, Gabe Sapolsky. And of course there are countless others who are probably going to be mad that I didn’t mention them in this interview. But when you boil it down, we were the core guys. And I just love the fact that we built a place for guys to work and to learn. I’m very proud of that.

Punk on The Wrestler: The movie as a whole I loved. I’ve wrestled in every single one of those building that they had in the movie. The locker room scenes were just dead on, with the camaraderie with the boys and everything like that. I’ve done a lot of knuckle-headed things in my career in regards to people that I’ve cared about that I’ve pretty much lost touch with or ignored because of wrestling. So it kind of hit home.

Punk on working with William Regal: Wrestling a guy like that I don’t really have to worry about hokey kind of pro wrasslin’ stuff, because we go out there and it’s the closest thing to an athletic contest that you’re going to get on one of our shows. It’s brutal and it’s violent and it’s different, and that’s why I love it. Me and him understand each other so well. It’s a kind of chemistry that we can do whatever we want. We can probably have the best four-minute match you’ll ever see or we can wrestle a half-hour.

Punk on who he would have liked to face at WrestleMania this year: I would love nothing more than to defend the IC title. I think the that’s something that has kind of lost its luster and I would love to be known as the guy who brought it back to the heights of like Bret Hart, Curt Hennig “Mr. Perfect,” hell even Tito Santana. You watch that Intercontinental title DVD that’s out, and it’s amazing those. Those are the guys hustling underneath. Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage. You throw my name into the hat with those guys. I want to be having the amazing matches. Honestly, my dream match at WrestleMania would be against Rey Mysterio for the IC title.”