WWE Creative Team Left In The Dark Regarding WM 25

As of Monday at RAW, the WWE creative team still didn’t know the full card for WrestleMania 25. ProWrestling.net reports that Vince McMahon is keeping the writers in the dark regarding the big PPV. The writers obviously have a good idea of the direction they will be heading into, as the fans do because of the current storylines, but they haven’t been officially told the full WM 25 lineup.

There are also no plans set for the WWE Draft as of yet. WrestleMania is the top priority right now, and no serious conversations have even taken place regarding possible draft moves.

There are various theories regarding why Vince is shying away from the creative team. The two issues that continue to come up are Vince’s lack of faith in the writers, and his fear that there are leaks who will let the lineup information get out before he wants it to. He’s been getting upset lately over the last couple months regarding the amount of info that’s gotten out, most notably the information that Christian was supposed to be Jeff Hardy’s mystery attacker.

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